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EverDelve Update: Wayfinder Shrine - Sept. 1, 2013

EverDelve has been updated with several important bugfixes, UI improvements, and some new features to boot. Check it out!

Forums Taken Down - July 3, 2013

Just a quick note that the forums have been taken down. Nobody really used it for what I want anyway; they were basically a spam cesspit. A better solution may be on the way as I consider Kongregate. I'll still keep this site active, but in a much lesser scope than before. The PayPal donation page will likely be taken down as well, for example.

EverDelve Update: Combat Abilities! - Nov. 11, 2012

The addition of combat abilities for the player and the monsters has added a huge amount of life to the game! You have to pay attention now, or you'll fall prey to a goblin ambush, or cursed, or set on fire! I've been wanting to make this content available for so long now, so seeing it finally come together as well as it has is very heartening. And now, I can start work on ... well, something new. Never you mind what the next feature will be. Now, go play!

It's About Time - Nov. 11, 2012

So it's been a long, harrowing, windy road since EverDelve's last update. I nearly went broke and had to move back in with my parents. I got a holdout job to skate by. Computer parts died and were replaced. Our rental property got auctioned, and we all decided to move out. I traded my holdout job for a salaried position at a major company. We found the perfect new house and made the move, nearly going broke again in the process.

All in all, though, things worked out pretty darn well. The dust has finally settled enough for me to continue development. I'm in a far better space than I was months ago, both financially and emotionally. The project has been moved, shuffled, reorganized, and cleaned up. I believe I'm finally ready to start seriously working on this game again.

That said, a new EverDelve is waiting for you on the games page. Go check out the new stuff! I sincerely hope it's been worth the wait for you all.

No More Tetris - Nov. 11, 2012

As a matter of professional courtesy, I am removing my Tetris clone from the games page.

Paving the Way - July 1, 2012

After a brief hiccup of hardware failure, work on EverDelve has resumed. The next item on the agenda is actually the ability to load/save games via a central online database, so players can access their games from anywhere! Due to the limits on our current resources, the mailing list feature has been removed. (Nobody was using it anyway.) Its database will be repurposed for use with EverDelve.

Staying in Touch Made Easy - Mar. 27, 2012

The "About Us" page now contains our mission statement plus information about our development team. That's all. Wait ... what's that you ask? What happened to that little contact email at the bottom of the page? Well, I'm glad you asked.

We have a new contacts page that will make it easier than ever to get in touch with us! The text-only email address has been graduated to a much more secure and easy to use form. Even better, there's a link to sign up for the Shuriken Games Weekly Newsletter! You can now get news and updates sent right to your email, so as soon as there's something new you'll be the first to hear about it.

Teaming Up - Mar. 26, 2012

We're getting some new faces added to the EverDelve development team - a software engineer and a pixel artist. Their bios will be added to the About page soon. We're excited to have them on board!

EverDelve sounds good! - Feb. 1, 2012

EverDelve now has sounds! I always love when sounds get added to a game. They really make it come alive. The new sounds in EverDelve are no exception, helping to establish the mood for the game.

Yeah, We've Got PayPal - Jan. 6, 2012

First update of 2012, and this one's a big one! A shiny new PayPal account has been opened just for Shuriken Games, and a donate button has been added to the site. Also, new updates to EverDelve have made items and inventory available to players! All that, plus a few touch-ups to various parts of the website, including a change of color scheme and some new additions to the forum.

New Game for Christmas: EverDelve! - Dec. 25, 2011

A new game has been added to the site, just for Christmas. EverDelve is a dungeon delving game in the style of games like Scarab of Ra or Rogue. It's still in its beginning stages, but new features are coming in steadily and it's gaining in popularity faster than I'd expected.

Also this update, I've streamlined and simplified the forums to make them less intimidating.

Forums Are Live! - Aug. 21, 2011

Shuriken Games now has a forum! Our vision to become a gaming community just wouldn't be complete without a central gathering place for our gamers to talk about their favorite games and what makes them great (or not so great). The forums will be a place where users can find information about us and all the games on our site, as well as interact with other users, post suggestions, and give feedback! You can also inform us of bugs and glitches ... though we hope you never have to!

In addition to the game chatter, there's a roleplay section which will be devoted to forum-based roleplaying games of all kinds. I love roleplaying games, and I want to encourage players to come and make use of the site for their games. To that end, I have some ideas that can make roleplaying at Shuriken Games a fun and memorable experience. If we get a lot of roleplayers and games active on the forums, those ideas will become a high priority.

There's still more work to be done to get the forums working as I envision them, but they're good enough to use for now. Stay tuned for further updates, and be sure to register an account on our new forum!

Good Stuff on the Horizon - July 30, 2011

New updates to the RPG Combat project are in. What's new? Modifiers! Classic abilities like poison, regeneration, buffs and debuffs are now possible. Check out the demo to see some examples. Haste + Regen is currently favorite combination.

Plans are in the works to make some improvements to the site soon, including the addition of a live video streaming and chat page somewhere on the site. First, though, I should get the forums completely established. So much to do, so little weekend!

More Updates - July 10, 2011

I've been making a lot of steady progress working on the RPG Combat system, which has received a lot of neat new features, mostly revolving around new kinds of attacks and combat actions, but also demonstrating some of the engine's capabilities. There's been some cleanup as well. I am officially upgrading this project from prototype to demo. This little engine is really coming along! See its page for more information.

Also, we have a forum! It's hidden right now while I get it fully functional, but it is live and able to recieve new users and posts. The forums will eventually be a place where visitors to the site will be able to leave all kinds of feedback, including advice and suggestions for the games as they are being developed. I'll also host polls there regularly, asking site users which game features they'd most like to see added. It's possible that I'll use the forum to host other things, like a forum-based roleplay of some sort. Who knows?

RPG Combat, Now More Combat-like - June 19, 2011

RPG Combat prototype has been updated.

A New Old Game - June 19, 2011

I found an old doodle of a game among my other active projects. It's an RPG/adventure game in the style of older classics - text based, low graphics, highly combat oriented. While it's not the most full-featured of games, it can still be rather fun in its own right. Check it out!

Sneak Peek at RPG Combat - June 10, 2011

A new game has joined lonely Tetris on the Games page. It's still heavily under development, but the RPG Combat Engine I've been busy porting from C++ to ActionScript for so long has finally born fruit! Only the basics are working at present, but there's a LOT more awesome functionality that I'll be able to bring online very soon now that the core is working again. If you check back regularly, you can watch as the little RPG fighting game grows into something spectacular!

Contact Info Added - June 10, 2011

Been wanting to get in touch with the mind behind the magic? Have comments or questions about what you see on the site? Feature requests? Harsh criticism? Check the About Us page for an email address you can use to take a load off your mind.

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