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We like the idea of our games being free to play by anyone. At the end of the day, though, free games don't keep the lights on or the bandwidth open. We rely on the generosity of players like you to keep going from day to day. Donations of any amount can be sent to us via PayPal, and are always very graciously received.

Why should I donate if all the games here are free?

It's true. Our games are free to play, and they always will be whether you choose to give us money or not. You aren't obligated to give us a dime. But our players and I would be very grateful if you did!

Alright, here's a little extra incentive. If you donate enough money, I'll display your name (or a name of your choosing) in the list of Honored Sponsors for a set period of time, as follows:

How will my money be used?

Shuriken's income will be used to pay for the following, in order:

  1. Hosting and Internet Service Provider bills (about $70 per month).
  2. All my other bills (about $1400 per month).
  3. Miscellaneous business expenses such as improving existing games, starting new games, commissioning artists, expanding this website, advertising, general maintainance, etc.

Here's how well we're doing so far:

Donation Stats

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